Aluminum vs Fiberglass Ladders: Similar yet Different

Ladders as a Vital Safety Equipment for Professionals and Commoners alike

Let’s agree, out there it’s every man (or woman) for himself; and when it comes to home repairs, decoration and professional interior exterior works, a ladder seems to be one of the most essential equipment among others. Ladders are evidently required to be resourceful, but they come expensive and one needs to think good before buying one. Because you wouldn’t want to choose one that’s not functional for your needs and you obviously wouldn’t want to waste a good sum of money on something that’s to sophisticated.

Aluminium vs. Fiberglass Ladders

All purpose and institutional ladders come in many variants, short ladders, ladders with padfoots, ladders with top level Storage Spaces, Wooden, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass etc.To know which one would suit your requirements and applications not that technical, its just that the specifics for ladders are so trivial that; they escape out minds when we’re buying one. Let’s reaffirm those specifics with this article.

Common Factors that you must consider for choosing your ladder


  • Types of Ladders for All Purpose Usage


The most common form of Ladders used are Wooden, Aluminium and Fiberglass ladders. Aluminium Ladders are generally used for Household usage where the purpose of the ladder is not realized that oftenly, because of rare usage. For industrial and professional usage people prefer to hold by the fiberglass ladders, for the features that they provide or for the standards that they abide by. Mostly Industrial and Mechanical Standards of any country require the ladders to be made of fiberglass adhering to special codes and practices of hardening and treatments, with specifications of fixtures and assemblies. There are wooden ladders as well but they are prone to weathering especially in rains, also they’re not that sturdy but they are very good support for shorter heights, come very cheap and are good decorative elements.


  • Difference in Material: Fibreglass Ladders vs. Aluminium Ladders


Fiberglass ladders are made from reinforced plastic that is treated with Glass fibers. The base material is a Polymer made from Plastic Matrix that makes it very light and strengthened. But the Aluminium is made of Grade 3 or Grade 4 aluminium generally made in I Beam Construction, this makes them even lighter than Fiberglass. Their strength lies in being treated with Silicon and Nitrogen for enhanced resilience which makes them comparable in strength to the Fiberglass.


  • Functionality: Which one to pick for respective usage, Economics vs Features


Fiberglass is inherently more stable and strong in terms of usage while Aluminium Ladders are comparably not that strong. The one thing that any ladder user has to counter is that the ladders have to be used in all Weathers, rains and summers, cold and dusty; if there’s anything that takes a toll on these ladders, it’s the weather. Aluminium being reactive metal to some grade has less moisture resistant ability, Besides the science students among us might agree that Aluminium ladders are prone to weakening from Heat as they get oxidized in too much exposure of pure heat. Fiberglass has its own limitations, wherein it cannot accommodate as many fixture modulations as there are for its aluminium counterparts, plus it comes a little more expensive than other ladders.


  • Maintenance and Upkeep: a mighty factor for Ladders


Inspection and upkeep of Ladders in cases of Aluminium ladders is comparatively easy. Aluminium ladders have mostly sliding parts wherein the only thing that has to be inspected regularly for maintenance are the Loose Rivets, Dents and Bent Parts. While for a Fiberglass Ladder one cannot easily check for the problems in maintenance with naked eye. It has to be checked by either feeling the side rims, rails and rungs for minor cracks that eventually give away the whole ladder in strength. Besides Aluminium ladders need parts in maintenance that are replaceable, but fiberglass parts come in assemblies and are more tedious to be replaced.

Choose Wisely: Ladders offer a lot of comparable features but some very distinctive ones as well

Ladders are both used for industrial purposes and personal usage, which makes them very useful for everyone. There are new functional and additional features that have started to come with these ladders like, railtop storage pads which are very functional at times; some of them have started to sport a variety of shelf couplings for extension and angular support; so you can choose the ladders in almost any way that suits you. Strength is always a factor but these days almost all types of ladders offer at some grade comparable strengths so you can’t state if one model might beat other at this specification. But the material that you choose has to be very optimized for the application and that’s how you’ll be able to make savings on equipment. Go on, climb the steps of the height you choose by making informed decisions and keep reading for more informative suggestions.

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