Best Professional Chainsaw to Buy in 2018

When you need to prepare firewood, or if the storm and its mess occur, or when you need to cope with the fallen tree on the road while a car travel in the wild, you will appreciate having a reliable, powerful and lasting cordless chain saw. Speaking about what is the best chainsaw, we will try to find one with a potent motor delivering a high chain speed, yet quiet enough not to disturb the tranquility of your neighborhood. This tool should also have batteries with fast charging and extended operational time, a quite large guide bar and effortless chain adjustment. And if you plan on getting such best professional chainsaw or something similar, you should obviously be looking not for the least expensive chainsaw out there. However, we have carefully selected the items that feature some proprietary details, reliable assembly, and good value for the money, with minimum to no drawbacks. Here is the rating of chainsaws that could be called the leaders on the today’s market.

18Vx2 LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 12" Chain Saw 5.0Ah Kit by Makita

Being the best chain saw, in our humble opinion, this model features a trustworthy brand and the great popularity among customers and the highest consumer assessment. The own designed motor delivers 1,650fpm chain speed while remaining a safe and quiet-working with zero emissions and only 60.6-db(A) noise level. It is powered by two fast-charging 18-v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. The powerful cutting and increased capacity align with a great operator comfort due to its lightweight design (only 12.3lbs) and 12-inch guide bar. The “tool-less” chain adjustment supplements the benefits making the operation and maintenance of this amazingly capable chainsaw quick and convenient. The extended battery and instant start-up, rubberized soft grip handles delivering an even cutting pressure, and easy-to-use large oil filling port are those features appreciated by users. Overall, this unit offers the convenience and maneuverability of cordless design paired with the needed power and performance.

40v MAX Lithium Ion 12" Chainsaw by BLACK+DECKER

The Black & Decker is known since 1910 as an industry-leader in producing power tools, equipment, and home products. This particular model is a little less expensive and almost as popular as the previous one. This very best professional chainsaw is furnished with superior 40-v batteries with longer runtime and overall life (can provide over 60 4x4 pine lumber cuts per single charge and hold a charge up to 18 months, the battery charge level is reflected on charge indicator). The 12-inch Oregon bar and chain feature low-kickback, high cutting speed and efficiency, and low vibration. This tool offers the convenience of use due to the automatic oiling system with a level window providing constant effortless bar and chain lubrication, as well as due to the tool-free chain tensioning providing easy and quick chain adjustments. The lightweight design (only10.4 pounds) and a full wrapped handle make this saw easy and comfortable to handle, eliminating excess user fatigue. This unit successfully blends the performance, convenience, innovation, and comfort and comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

15.0-Amp Electric 18-Inch Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling by WORX

What is the best chainsaw? The one like this, which is both a very affordable and high-rated by users combination of strength and maneuverability. The extended 18-inch bar along with a 15-amp motor delivers the added power and stability to this robust tool. The automatic oil lubrication facilitates the maintenance due to the built-in oiler with window level indicator and an easy-to-lubricate sprocket on the bar nose, which provide constant lubrication to both the chain and bar. You do not need to worry about the tensioning or chain replacement either as this tool is equipped with the auto-tensioning system as well as the exclusive tool-free chain replacement system (a large knob sustain the proper tension automatically, hence, it eliminates any chance of over-tightening). The safety is also supplemented by a low-kickback bar and a built-in chain brake for an advanced kickback protection. The optimum operator control and comfort is provided by ergonomically shaped and full-wrapped front handle and a rubber over-molded rear handle. The premium quality of this chainsaw is ensured by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw by Greenworks

This very best chain saw shows a moderate price and a great level of customers’ satisfaction. This model comes with a 4AH battery that charges in 120 minutes and performs up to 100 cuts on a single charge (also compatible with G-MAX 40V Li-Ion system). The brushless motor technology saves charge while delivering up to 30% more torque and up to 70% less noise and vibration for the ultimate operator comfort, a longer run-time, and the greatest cutting performance. This tool also features higher efficiency, instant electric start, lightweight design (10.36 pounds), the chain brake option, and low kickback chain for the convenience of use and increased safety. You will be stunned at its speed of recharging, how quiet it is, and you’ll appreciate its safety features. Any beginner will love the tool-free chain adjustment and its lightweight that cuts on stress and fatigue. These numerous benefits explain the high popularity of this product.

24-Inch 460 Rancher Gas Powered Chain Saw by Husqvarna

This solid tool is a bit costly purchase, however, a totally worthwhile one. The manufacturer turns a regular consumer-level saw to semi-professional tools. The longer 24-inch guide bar aligns with the more powerful two-cycle engine to perform the most demanding cutting jobs perfectly. The X-Torq feature provides the high torque over a wide rpm range. This very best professional chainsaw is fitted with an inertia activated chain brake and combined choke/stop control for the better protection and safety. The convenient side-mounted chain tensioner and ergonomically designed saw body allow easy handling of this capacious tool. Such features as low vibrations, smart start and air injection provide the additional comfort of use.


The best chain saw will fit first time users, casual lumberjacks, and professional-grade workers. Any man will, sooner or later, face the necessity to carry out some jobs around a yard or farm like clearing brush, trimming trees, cutting firewood. What is the best chainsaw? As we’ve known from out better chainsaws review, this is the unit with a minimal to zero harmful emissions, minimal operating costs, high productivity, versatile appliances, long run-time, and safe performance. When considering buying a chain saw you kindly keep in mind that this kind of work can be potentially “bloody”. To prevent potential danger, you should get the personal protection equipment for your eyes, upper body, legs, and hands before you start the engine for the first time. Although this sounds all very much, it takes just a moment to be protected, and these are well invested minutes. Even though all products promise the advanced protection, you need to be careful, because as it says forewarned is forearmed.

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